Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hornets Laid to Rest

It's time to lay to rest this wonderful season that the New Orleans Hornet's had. They tantilized this city as no one has since the Saints of 2006. In fact it was the same scenario, the team returning from Oklahoma City to restablish their home here thanks to the loyalty of George Shinn. This loyalty was rewarded by a fan base that sold out much of the second half of the season and all of the playoff games. For the first time the Hornets went this deep in the playoffs and although they lost last night to the Reigning Champion San Antonio Spurs, we all agree it was a hell of a ride. I'm glad I hitched on the bus for part of it.
But the ride is over, and the question is, will the Hornets continue to improve and become one of the marquee franchises in the NBA, or be just a speed bump on the history of the league, much like the 2006 Saints?
The answer to that question is what they do in the off season to keep the team current. Bonsi Wells is like ly gone and maybe also Pargo who will be an unrestricted free agent. Will the Hornets retain him or do they want to? In any event, they will need another swing man. They draft 27th and so it is unlikely they will get much help there. So will they bite the bullet and enter the free agent market? Right now, I don't even know who is available. But I'm sure that there is a lot of pro talent out there. This is a touchy process because in optaining players, the Bees must avoid those that would alter the team chemistry, a chemistry that carried this squad further than their individual talent would have predicted.
This will likely be my last mention of the Hornets until preseason, but if there is a spoiler in the draft or a free agent acquisition you'll hear from me.

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