Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Five Tigers Named to Maxwell, Bednarik Watch Lists

Five members of the LSU football team – three on defense and two on offense -- have been named to watch lists for the 2008 Maxwell and Bednarik Awards, the Maxwell Football Club announced on Monday.
Headlining the list of LSU’s candidates for the Bednarik Award is senior defensive end Tyson Jackson, who has already been named as a preseason All-America selection. The other two Tigers on the Bednarik list include senior linebacker Darry Beckwith and junior defensive tackle Ricky Jean-Francois.
LSU senior wide receiver Demetrius Byrd and junior running back Keiland Williams are among 75 players from across the country named to the watch list for the Maxwell Award, which goes to the most outstanding collegiate football player.
Tim Tebow of the University of Florida was the recipient of the 71st Maxwell Award and Dan Connor of Penn State University was awarded the 13th Chuck Bednarik Award for their outstanding performance during the 2007 season. Tebow, the first sophomore to ever win the Maxwell Award, returns for his junior season with the Gators. Connor is now a member of the Carolina Panthers.
Last year, LSU defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey was a finalist for the Bednarik Award.
Semifinalists for the Maxwell and Bednarik Awards will be announced in early November and three finalists for each award will be announced November 25th. The winners of the 2008 Maxwell and Bednarik Awards will be announced as part of the ESPN Home Depot College Football Awards Show in December. The formal presentation of these awards will be made at the Maxwell Football Club Awards Gala hosted by Harrah’s Entertainment Atlantic City on March 6, 2009.
2008 Maxwell Award Watch List
PLAYER NAME, SCHOOL, POSITION, CLASSBeckum, Travis, University of Wisconsin, TE, SRBenn, Arrelious, University of Illinois, WR, SOPHBoeckman, Todd, Ohio State University, QB, SRBradford, Sam, University of Oklahoma, QB, SOPHBritt, Kenny, Rutgers University, WR, JRByrd,, Demetrius, LSU, WR, SRCantwell, Hunter, University of Louisville, QB, SRCarpenter, Rudy, Arizona State University, QB, SRCarr, Greg, Florida State University, WR, SRClaussen, Jimmy, Notre Dame, QB , SOPHCoffman, Chase, University of Missouri, TE, SRCrabtree, Michael, Texas Tech, WR, SOPHCrompton, Jonathan, University of Tennessee, QB, JRDaniel, Chase, University of Missouri, QB, SRDavis, James, Clemson University, RB, SRDavis, Nate, Ball State, QB, JRDevine, Noel, West Virginia University, RB, SOPHDillard, Jarett, Rice , WR, SRFletcher, Damion, University of Southern Mississippi, RB, JRFoster, Adrian, University of Tennessee, RB, SRGibson, Brandon, Washington State University, WR, SRGoodson, Mike, Texas A&M, RB, JRGresham, Jermaine, University of Oklahoma, TE, JRGrothe, Matt, University of South Florida, QB, JRHall, Max, BYU, QB, JRHarper, Cullen, Clemson University, QB, SRHarrell, Graham, Texas Tech, QB, SRHarvin, Percy, University of Florida, WR, JRHerring, Keegan, Arizona State University, RB, SRHeyward-Bey, Darrius, University of Maryland, WR, JRHill, P.J., University of Wisconsin, RB, JRHolbrook, Chase, New Mexico State, QB, SRIglesias, Juaquin, University of Oklahoma, WR, SRJames, Javarris, University of Miami, RB, JRJarvis, Eugene, Kent State University, RB, JRJohnson, Ian, Boise State University, RB, SRJohnson, Stafon, University of Southern California, RB, JRKelly, Aaron, Clemson University, WR, SRKinder, Derek, University of Pittsburgh, WR, SRLane, Jorvorskie, Texas A&M, RB, SRLeFevour, Dan, Central Michigan, QB, JRLocker, Jake, University of Washington, QB, SOPHLucky, Marlon, University of Nebraska, RB, SRMaclin, Jeremy, University of Missouri, WR, SOPHMcCoy, Colt, University of Texas, QB, JRMcCoy, LeSean, University of Pittsburgh, RB, SOPHMcKinley, Kenny, University of South Carolina, WR, SRMcKnight, Joe, University of Southern California, RB, SOPHMoody, Emmanuel, University of Florida, RB, SOPHMoreno, Knowshon, University of Georgia, RB, SOPHMurray, DeMarco, University of Oklahoma, RB, SOPHPainter, Curtis, Purdue University, QB, SRReesing, Todd, University of Kansas, QB, JRRinger, Javon, Michigan State University, RB, SRRobinson, Zac, Oklahoma State University, QB, JRRobiskie, Brian, Ohio State University, WR, SRSanchez, Mark, University of Southern California, QB, JRSmith, Antone, Florida State University, RB, SRSpiller, C.J. , Clemson University, RB, JRStafford, Matthew, University of Georgia, QB, JRStroughter, Sammie, Oregon State University, WR, SRSutton, Tyrell, Northwestern, RB, SRTate, Ben, Auburn University, RB, JRTebow, Tim, University of Florida, QB, JRThomas, Mike, University of Arizona, WR, SRTuitama, Willie, University of Arizona, QB, SRTurner, Patrick, University of Southern California, WR, SRUnderwood, Tiquan, Rutgers University, WR, SRWeatherford, Drew, Florida State University, QB, SRWells, Chris (Beanie), Ohio State University, RB, JRWhite, Pat, West Virginia University, QB, SRWilliams, Jaison, University of Oregon, WR, SRWilliams, Keiland, LSU, RB, JRWilliams,Derrick, Penn State University, WR, SRWilson, John Parker, University of Alabama, QB, SR
2008 Chuck Bednarik Award Watch List
PLAYER NAME, SCHOOL, POSITION, CLASSAppleby, Antonio, University of Virginia, LB, SRAtkins, Geno, University of Georgia, DL, JRAustin, Marvin, University of North Carolina, DL, SOPHBeckwith, Derry, LSU, LB, SRBerry, Eric, University of Tennessee, DB, SOPHBrinkley, Jasper, University of South Carolina, LB, SRBrown, Everette, Florida State University, DE, JRBurnett, Joe, University of Central Florida, DB , SRByrd, Jarius, University of Oregon, DB, JRByrd, Terrill, University of Cincinatti, DL, SRCampbell, Ian, Kansas State University, DE, SRCarter, Reggie, UCLA, LB, JRChung, Patrick, University of Oregon, DB, SRColeman, Antonio, Auburn University, DE, JRCrum, Maurice, Notre Dame, LB, SRCurry, Aaron, Wake Forest, LB, SRCushing, Brian, University of Southern California, LB, SRDavis, Vontae, University of Illinois, DB, JRElimimian, Solomon, University of Hawaii, LB, SREllerbe, Dannell, University of Georgia, LB, SREllison, Kevin, University of Southern California, DB, SREnglish, Austin, University of Oklahoma, DE, JREvans, Maurice, Penn State University, DE, JRFollett, Zach, University of California, LB, SRFreeman, Marcus, Ohio State University, LB, SRGrainger, DeMarcus, University of Oklahoma, DL, JRGreene, Courtney, Rutgers University, DB, SRHamlin, Michael, Clemson University, DB, SRHardy, Greg, University of Mississippi, DE, JRHarris, Nic, University of Oklahoma, DB, SRHarris, Victor, Virginia Tech, DB, SRHeygood, Anthony, Purdue University, LB, SRHypolite, George, University of Colorado, DL, SRJackson, Tyson, LSU, DE, SRJean-Francois, Ricky, LSU, DL, JRJenkins, Malcolm, Ohio State University, DB, SRJohnson, Michael, Georgia Tech, DE, SRKing, Mitch, University of Iowa, DL, SRLaurinatis, James, Ohio State University, LB, SRLindley, Trevard, University of Kentucky, DB, JRMaualuga, Rey, University of Southern California, LB, SRMays, Taylor, University of Southern California, DB, JRMcCoy, Gerald, University of Oklahoma, DL, SOPHMcCoy, Rico, University of Tennessee, LB, JRMcGrath, Gerald, University of Southern Mississippi, LB, JRMcKenzie, Tyrone, University of South Florida, LB , SRMcKillop, Scott, University of Pittsburgh, LB, SRMickens, Mike, University of Cincinatti, DB, SRMiddleton, Greg, University of Indiania, DE, JRMiller, Roy, University of Texas, DL, SRMoala, Fili, University of Southern California, DL, SRMoore, William, University of Missouri, DB, SRNicholson, Derek, Florida State University, LB, SRNolan, Troy, Arizona State University, DB , SROghobaase, Vince, Duke, DL, JROwens, Jeff, University of Georgia, DL, SRPegues, Derek, Mississippi State University, DB, SRPeria, Jerry, University of Mississippi, DL, SRPhilistin, Dave, University of Maryland, LB, SRReynolds, Ryan, University of Oklahoma, LB, JRRivera, Mike, University of Kansas, LB, SRRobinson, Antwain, University of Arkansas, DE, SRRolle, Myron, Florida State University, DB, JRSapp, Ricky, Clemson University, DE, JRSelvie, George, University of South Florida, DE, JRShaughnessy, Matt, University of Wisconsin, DE, SRSmith, Alphonso, Wake Forest, DB, SRSnyder, Clinton, Stanford University, LB, JRSpikes, Brandon, University of Florida, LB, JRTaylor, Terrance, University of Michigan, DL, SRThurmond, Walter, University of Oregon, DB, JRToal, Brian, Boston College, LB, SRWalker, vance, Georgia Tech, DL, SRWesterman, Jamaal, Rutgers University, DE, SRWilliams, Worrell, University of California, LB, SR

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