Thursday, January 18, 2007

Future Rebel Golf Great Makes Appearance in Hattiesburg

What is likely to be a future member of the Ole Miss gilf team made a preview appearance in Hattiesburg Yesturday afternoon. Accompanied by his future family, what is to become the latest member of the Bolster clan appeared on an ultrasound screen. Jenny says he will be named Price Christian Bolster although Travis & Duke favor Yaz Popi Bolster. Since Scott's middle name is Theodore as in Ted Williams, I guess we have the Red Sox covered as good as we will be able to. How about Billy Cannon Bolster. Has a certain ring to it. Anyway, you should be able to see the extra appendage which qualifies him for malehood.


1 comment:

Jenny Bolster said...

No way on the Billy Cannon Bolster. I triedto get Bubba to agree to Tres McAlister Bolster after Deuce, but Bubba said NO.