Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Gary Crowton Named LSU Offensive Coordinator at LSU

Today's big news to report is that Gary Crowton has been hired as LSU's new offensive coordinator to replace Jimbo Fisher. Crowton runs a wide-open offense that often features four wide receivers, but he also runs a balanced attack. Below are just last year's stats alone. I can't think of an offense more fitting for an athlete such as Joe McKnight: FIRST DOWNS135 rushing 151 passing RUSHINGAttempts- 471Avg per rush- 5.0 Avg rush per game- 182.2Rushing td's- 26 PASSINGAttempts- 486 Avg per catch- 10.9 Avg per game- 241 Passing td's- 18 TOTAL OFFENSEAvg per play- 5.7 Avg per game- 423.2 This year, Oregon's offense was ranked 9th overall in the country. Some have said that all Coach Crowton does is pass, but that isn't necessarily true. Oregon's rushing offense was ranked 14th in the nation, averaging almost 182 yards a game. As a comparison, LSU's offense was ranked 11th overall in the country and their rushing offense averaged 166 yards a game, which was 31st best in the country. Crowton had success as a head coach at LA Tech from 1996-98 and LSU wide receiver coach Todd Monken was the wide coach at LA Tech at that time. In my opinion, the hiring of Crowton will increase LSU's chances of signing both Terrance Tolliver and Joe McKnight.

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