Monday, May 28, 2007

Perrilloux Commentary

The news out of Baton Rouge regarding Ryan Perrilloux is disappointing at best. It seems as though his current scrape with the law is the 9th infraction of team regulations in his 3 year career at LSU, and this may be the most flagrant. Seems he had borrowed a friend's ID to get into one of the local casinos and was caught by a guard.
Instead of just turning around and walking away, the back-up Tiger QB asked the guard, “Do you know who I am?”
This bit of hubris on his part resulted in the summoning of the police and his arrest.
If you can remember back to the recruitment of Perrilleaux, at first he had committed to Texas. Nick Sabin, LSU’s head coach at the time wasn’t interested in Perrilloux because "he was a nut case." It was only when Sabin left LSU for Miami that Perrilloux’s signing became a cause celebre for the new coach, Les Miles. Well, now that Perrilloux is off the team it is probably good news for Miles who was facing the possibility of a QB controversy. Now he may be faced with a different kind of QB problem because LSU may not have an adequate back up.
But the Tigers seem to have a more than adequate starter who backed up the #1 draft choice for 3 years and who guided LSU to a lopsided win over University of Miami in the Citrus bowl.
For Perrilloux, this is a real tragedy of major magnitude. As my source in Baton Rouge has pointed out, the NFL will put up with spousal abuse, larceny, bar room brawls and sometimes even homicide; the one thing they will not tolerate is gambling and it appears the Perrilloux has a gambling problem. LSU is well off with out him.

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