Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Comments on the Championship Game

1. Why did Florida win?
Obviosly because they were the better team, and not just by a little bit. The announcers kept harping on the concept that Bib Ten Goes for big and SEC for speed. Yeah, but these Florida kids were big and fast! Granted, Ohio State lost their speedy running back on their first possession, but even with him on offense, the Buckeyes would have had no answer for Florida's offensive team speed.

2. It seems ovbious to me that this year the SEC was the toughest conference. Second, believe it or not may have been the Pac-12 and third the Big East. I believe that The Big Ten was way down the list. Ohio St. and Michigan were good footbal teams and Wisconsin too, but put each of them in the SEC and they have 2-3 losses each. The fact is, that after Texas, Ohio St. did not play a top 25 caliber team until they played Michigan, and we saw what caliber they were in the Rose Bowl. Meanwhile, Florida was playing the likes of Tennessee, Georgia, LSU, Auburn and Arkansas. This is something that the Eastern Sporting press will never admit. But it's true.

3. Ohio St. and Big Ten football is stogy and antiquated agains anyone except another Big Ten Team or Notre Dame which is like a Big Ten Team. They can no longer overpower other teams the way they used to, hence their dismal showing in the BCS Bowl. Ohio State, Michigan and Notre Dame didn't just get beat, they got mauled. Listen, I'm not saying the Big Ten & Notre Dame are awful. This year they were but in any given year, they may be as good as anyone, but not this year.

4. Did you notice that Notre Dame has lost 9 Bowl games in a row. We were sitting amoung a bunch of very nice Notre Dame Kids at the Sugar Bowl and they were bemoaning thier fate in Bowl Games. We didn't want to say this to them, and we didn't. But the reason they always loose is that they are always over rated. There was no way they were good enough to be in a BCS bowl game this year, but there's big bucks involved in a BCS Bowl, especially for ND which doesn't have to share the money with anyone. The Advantage to being Notre Dame is that they start out ranked high. The bad news is that everyone wants to pick them off.Because of their academic requirements which I applaud, they are no longer able to glean the cream of the crop in recruiting. It's ashame. Football's better when Notre Dame is good.

5. I'm not sure Ohio State has the best band in the country but the dotting of the Script Ohio is as good as any band tradition there is. Right up there with Notre Dame's victory march and Slow Dixie at Ole Miss.

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