Thursday, February 8, 2007

Ed Orgeron Signing Day Press Conference

We’re very excited about our signing class. I want to thank my coaching staff and all of the administrative staff for working very hard for one full year to come with a class that we’re very excited about. There are a couple of things I’d like to talk about. First of all, we’re very excited that again we’ve signed the top player in the state of Mississippi, Chris Strong. We feel that he is going to be an outstanding player and that’s where we start our recruiting. Then we went to get the best JC middle linebacker in Tony Fein. He was who we found to fill our No. 1 need, to replace Patrick Willis. We’re very happy to get Tony, and we feel that he can come in immediately and is going to be a great player. We’ve got a top 10 recruit from last year in Jevan Snead. He’s already here and has demonstrated that he will be a leader and will be a fantastic quarterback in the future for the Ole Miss Rebels, and we’re very excited about him. We went to Louisiana with (assistant coach) Frank Wilson and got the best offensive lineman in Rishaw Johnson. It was a battle and Frank battled to the very end and did a fantastic job of recruiting him. We had to get a tall receiver and we got the No. 1 JC receiver A.J. Jackson. We’re excited about him. We figure he’s going to fill an immediate need for a tall receiver in our offense. I feel we got the best nose tackle in the South in Ted Laurent. Ted has been committed to us for a long time. He’s extremely quick, and we think he’ll be able to help us in the middle. Again we landed the best player in the city of Memphis, Roderick Davis. I’m pleased to have started in Mississippi and go regional to get some big time players. Talking about positions, defensive backs we have Johnny Brown, Colby Arceneaux, Jamariey Atterberry, Jamison Hughes, and Fon Ingram. We think we have a fine group there. We lost some guys this year, and we think we’re very athletic in that group. We needed some linebackers. LaDerrick Vaughn is already on campus. He signed with us last year and is already doing well. Scottie Williams, Chris Strong, Isaiah Smith, Tony Fein, Lamar Brumfield, we think that those guys will be able to step in immediately and help us. On the defensive line we needed help inside. I spoke about Ted Laurent. We’ve got Justin Sanders, a very tough, very strong kid from the state of Alabama. We went into Florida and got Lawon Scott, another 300-pounder. We’re excited about those guys. Our offensive line is big. Bradley Sowell, 330 pounds, Alex Washington, 348 pounds, Mark Jean-Louis, 350 pounds, and I talked to you about Rishaw Johnson at 315 pounds. We’ve got big offensive linemen, and our coaches did a great job. And also when those guys come to campus, they love Coach (Art) Kehoe. At wide receiver, we’ve got some speed there. Lionel Breaux runs a 4.4 in the 40, another guy from Louisiana we’re proud to have. I’ve talked to you about Roderick Davis. Roderick came to our camp last summer, and we thought that he was a fantastic player. It was a battle all the way. Coach Hugh Freeze did a great job of recruiting him and A.J. Jackson. Another guy I haven’t talked about with the defensive backs is Ashlee Palmer. He's 6-2, 214 pounds, from Compton and is already working out with our team, and he looks fantastic. I’ve talked to you also about Jevan Snead. Overall we’re excited. We’re excited about the work our coaching staff did, and we’re excited to see these young men come play for the Ole Miss Rebels.

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