Sunday, February 4, 2007

Recruiting News From Dandy Don

There is no recruiting news to report, but some news could be breaking today. Some say that Christian Scott from Dallas Skyline is scheduled to make his decision known later today, and Steffon Francois has previously said that he will make his decision known on today or Monday. Sidell Corley visited LSU this weekend and was having a great visit as of last night, according to an email I received from a person who has been in contact with his family this weekend. I like LSU's chances with Francois and Corley better than the other two, but it is not a slam dunk for Francois according to two sources I have spoken to from East ST John. As for Joe McKnight, Chad Jones and Terrance Tolliver, I believe all three will sign with LSU. All three players are not going to make their decision known until Wednesday. McKnight worked out a deal with ESPN a few weeks ago to announce his decision at 11:00 a.m. Wednesday. Terrance Tolliver will announce his decision at 12:10 Wednesday from his principal's office in Hempstead, Texas. I would love to see LSU sign all of the six players listed above, but we all know that is very unlikely. I will be dancing in the street if LSU signs McKnight, Tolliver and Jones or Francois. Maybe I should take that dancing in the street statement back because that wouldn't be pretty.

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