Wednesday, February 7, 2007

First Hand Report from Bayou Bash

Signing day was fun. When we first got there the beer lines long and the place was packed.

There were a number of boths with almost any kind of LSU paraphenalia to buy. And of course a sea of purple and gold.

As recruits signed their names, statistics, and recruitting films would appear on the projection screens scattered throughout the River Center.

When McKnight made his decisions, there were loud boos and everyone was then ready for lunch. Lunch lines were long and took about 30 minutes to get through.
But the food was good, there were tiger burgers, jambalaya, Popeye's chicken, Hooter's wings, hot dogs, salads, etc.

The excitement returned to the crown after Terrence Tolliver's signing was announced. It was only surpassed by the cheering at Chad Jones's signing. We finally found empty chairs and sat down for the rest of the day. The best way to attend is by purchasing a table. VIP tables were closer to the stage and received special treatment.
All in all the event was alot of fun.

I found that it was easier to take pictures of the big screens rather trying to get pictures of the stage.

During the day former Tigers would appear on stage, one of whom was Kyle Williams. Towards the end of the evening the Golden Girls and the Tiger Band performed.

Then came the climax, Les Miles arrival. He started off by saying "One got away, but we got everyone we needed."
After a standing ovation , he began reviewing the signings saying, "We signed prospects from Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, 5 from Texas, 11 from Louisian. We will always recruit heavily in our home state. " The crowd cheered again. "And we went into Alabama and signed 2." At that the crown erupted into a roar shouting LSU, LSU, LSU. Miles also said ther are always rivalries. "We look forward to playing Auburn and Florida, but now we have one heck of arivalry." Again the crown erupted. He didn't even mention Alabama by name.

Miles then went over each signee thanking each coach involved with the recruitment. Finally he introduced each coach and their families. All got standing ovations.

Attached are a couple of pictures from today.


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